Thursday, 21 August 2014


Beloved. If I should die
leaving unsaid, the many things
my heart would say
But lips refuse to utter
Think well of me
and in the silence of the night,
Think of those days not so many years ago
when you and I were wed
The world at war
The wonderful times we had
The precious hours snatched
as best we could
Then came the time that I must go
To where the war was real
and you remain to do your best
In my own native land.

My grandfather came from England as a young man and worked for the Bank of Commerce in Lake Saskatoon. He married my grandmother, a third generation Canadian in 1915.  After my grandfather enlisted to fight in WW I, my grandmother went to England to be near him. She lived with his brother and sister-in-law and worked in a munitions factory.  My grandparents were married for 62 years.

I found his poem in my mom's papers.