Monday, 1 September 2014

Carpool Confidential

Mothers in minivans,
The first day of school.
Hold little hands,
Explain all the rules.
“Listen to teacher,
Be good girls and boys.
Don’t run in the hall.
Don’t make too much noise.”

Mothers in minivans
Wait on the street
Look for that one face,
That one pair of feet.
“Did you have a good day?
Was it fun? Did you play?
Could you eat all your lunch?
Don’t you have more to say?”

Mothers in minivans
Parked by the gym.
“How was the game?
Did you win? Did you score?
Did you fall? Are you happy?
Can’t I do something more?”

Mothers with minivans
Outside the dorm.
“She’s got clothes, socks and blankets
All she needs to stay warm.
She’s got money, computer
The will to keep trying
Her friends and her future…
Now what? Am I crying?”

Mothers with minivans
Gathering dust.
The children are doing
What children must.
They’re growing up,
They’re drifting away.
Mothers with minivans
Hoped they would stay.

Mother with minivan- Mother at home.
Mother with minivan- Mother alone. Why didn’t they tell her? Why didn't she know? How hard it would be, Letting them go.

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