Thursday, 3 March 2016

Today You Wait

You send a text to your mom.

"It's today."

That's code telling her she is supposed to send you jokes all day.

Because today is the day you've been dreading. 

You know it's coming. 

What you don't know is if it's going to be you. 

The day you're told to sit in your office until it's all over. A day of waiting for that knock on the door, that phone call, that email, that meeting request. The day you get escorted out with your box of stuff. Or just escorted out with nothing. Or you're left behind with your guilt as your friends and co-workers disappear one by one. 

The day you find out if you're still employed. 

Today is the day.

Tomorrow will be another day.

Tomorrow will be the day you check your bank account and break your lease and cash in your RRSPs and figure out where the heck you're going to live. Or hold your breath waiting for another "reorganization."

But today. 

Today you wait.