Sunday, 20 August 2017


Amber light filters through wildfire smoke.
Paints rock walls ochre and bronze
Glints straw-yellow on the river below
The road ahead a metallic ribbon

Above, mountains shade indigo gunmetal grey powdery silver

A message from Allen

"I define grace as God's unconditional love for us at work in us for the healing of the universe. God mends us so we might work for the good of all. But I think you can also use grace to describe humans; humans act in grace when they act without worry of recompense, doing the right thing because it is right. The word grace comes from the Greek 'charis', or gift."





The brutal blackness of anger and hate
The carnage and the horror and the heartbreak
Far from grace, man's inhumanity to man

How to reconcile the outrage in my heart?
Where to begin the healing of the universe?
I await that gift.
And I find it.

Here, on the road to Golden, God's grace rains down in amber light.