Thursday, 7 December 2017

This is how I will socially engineer your child


I will make you give your child to me when he is young. When his bones are soft and his heart is open and his thoughts are pure.


I will seat your child sit with other children. Some of these children will be rich. Some will be poor. They will be of all colours and religions. Some will have had every privilege. Some will have struggled to survive every day of their lives. But in my room, no one will be superior to another. And although I cannot make them care about each other, they will.


I will let your children tell their stories. And I will listen to every one. Every story will matter. The stories of those who have lived on this land for tens of thousands of years. The stories of those who arrived yesterday with nothing but the clothes on their backs. The story of each child- a thread in the tapestry that is Canada. They will discover that when all those diverse threads are woven together, Canada will be strong and they will be strong.


Your children will play. They will play with paper and paint and numbers and music and words and colours and things that grow. Together, we will explore the universe with all its wonders and injustices. Your children will play with others. They will play with ideas. They will explore the thoughts of others and their own notions of who they are and what they value and how they should act because of their beliefs.  They will play with ideas about where they will go and who they will become.


In my classroom, your child will dream. She will dream of a world where she is strong and hopeful and resilient and she has a place. She will dream of the world she wants, the world she will help create and change. I will help her make those dreams come true, with your help.

This is how I will socially engineer your child.