Monday, 23 June 2014

It All Comes Down to This

Since the dawn of man/In today’s society/In the world today/Since time began/In our confusing world/Historically we have seen the... struggle between the rich and the poor/the bourgeoisie and the proletariat/the powerful and the exploited. From...feudal times/the days of the Agricultural/Industrial/French/American/Orange/Velvet Revolution until today we have been engaged in the seemingly never-ending quest to resolve this ideological issue, and there are many...ideas/theories/historical proof/current events that will support my point. This struggle leads us to examine the issue question so clearly identified in the source. Through my work in this position paper I will clearly and convincingly state my position on this challenging topic.

Evidence to support my position comes from the day when the Founding Fathers wrote the...Declaration of the Rights of Man/Charter of Rights and Freedoms/Declaration of Independence/Universal Declaration of the Rights of Man/Magna Carta/BNA Act/Ten Commandments they laid down an ideological foundation that can be clearly placed on the right-left continuum.  This work laid down the background for a whole new way of thinking that had not been thought of until it was, and the concepts were further elaborated upon in the seminal novel...
Mein Kampf/Das Kapital/The Wealth of Nations/Origin of the Species by...Charles Darwin/Karl Marx/ Adolf Hitler/Adam Smith/John Smith/Adam West/John Hancock/Dave Hancock/Thomas Jefferson/Theodore Roosevelt/Franklin Roosevelt who provided us with the idea of the...invisible/invincible hand/trickledown effect/scientific socialism/Social Darwinism/survival of the fittest. This important theory shows unmistakably that the perspective identified in the source has great validity both in the past and for today’s world.

Furthermore/in addition/as well/not to discount the fact that back in the day when the...right/left winged/fascist-communist/totalitarian/authoritarian/collectivist Stalin/Hitler/George Bush/Pol Pot/Ho Chi Minh/Mao Zedong/The Tsar II/Louis XVI invaded… Germany/Russia/Poland/South Vietnam/Palestine/Iraq/Afghanistan/Cambodia/France we could see a conflict developing that would have far reaching influences on the development of today’s...classical/modern/capitalist/democratic socialist/liberal economy and its fundamental rights and freedoms.

Further evidence to support my view comes from the ideas of the economic theories devised by the great...physiocrat/economic philosopher/Enlightenment thinker...JJ Rousseau/Edmund Burke/JS Mill/John Locke/Hobbes/Montesquieu/Voltaire...whose ideas of the...fundamental good/evil innate in man/man’s inherent ability/inability to reason gave rise to the...capitalist/liberal/liberalist/libertarian views that are dominant in our society today. In economic terms we can turn to the ideas of...Vladmir Lenin/Carroll Marx/Karl Marx/Josef Stalin/JM Keynes/Milton/Thomas Friedman/FA Hayek whose concepts of the...invisible hand/invincible hand/class struggle/monetarism/fiscal policy/government intervention presented a response to the ideas that had been unsuccessfully implemented in the past.

Finally/in conclusion/when all is said and done/at the end of the day/in the final analysis… I believe that the...evidence/examples/reasons/logic/explanations/details/theories that I have provided...conclusively/somewhat/to an extent support the position I have...taken/hinted at/suggested. To restate my view, society should definitely...embrace/reject/ignore the ideological position reflected in the source like a dear old aunt one hasn't seen in years, with open arms, caution, and a grain of salt.

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