Saturday, 18 April 2015



With apologies to Rudyard Kipling

If you are happy with cabinet ministers giving themselves 30% pay increase while freezing teachers’ wages
If you like driving hundreds of KM to see a doctor
If you enjoy highway potholes that can’t be filled due to cuts at Alberta Transportation
If you think democratically elected school boards should not be allowed to use reserves in times of need
If you agree that our natural resources should be sold out from under us so corporations can profit
If you enjoy paying a “healthcare levy” that goes into general revenue
If your corporation benefits from the lowest tax rates in Canada
If you blame yourself for Alberta’s financial woes

If you want smaller government
If you can afford to jump the cue because you can afford privatized health care
If you can pay thousands in tuition for your kids to go to private school
If you think climate change is a myth
If you think your wife belongs in the kitchen baking a pie
If you don’t care what postsecondary education costs
If you think nonprofits should deliver mental health services
If you think industry should monitor itself

If you want corporations to pay their share through increased royalties and corporate taxes
If you want teachers and nurses to be paid what they deserve
If you want decent class sizes and support for kids with special needs
If you think school fees should be eliminated
If you want appropriate monitoring of pollution and environmental protection
If you want quality, free, universally accessible health care
If you believe Alberta belongs to Albertans and not foreign corporations


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