Monday, 2 May 2016

I just can't wait

400 middle aged white guys met in the middle of the province, vowing to form a new party to defeat the NDP in the next provincial election.

They want a return to the past where middle aged white men were in charge. Guys such as the pouty millionaires who begged us all to vote PC last April. Perhaps then, and only then, when the wealthy and entitled "Look in the mirror" PCs and the homophobic, climate science denying, "we-don't-have-a-social-policy" WR,and all the "commonsense conservatives" join together, can the voice of the centre-left be terminated.

They call themselves "Albertans Can't Wait". 

I don't know what it is they can't wait for. 
#WeAreAlberta is their hashtag. If you're not with them, apparently, you're not an Albertan. See all those tiny flags?  See how much they love Alberta? More than I do I guess, since I don't go around waving a flag, wearing my heart on my sleeve, or proclaiming how patriotic I am.  

Grande Prairie's Chris Warkentin says "
This kind of enthusiasm hasn’t been seen in provincial politics for decades."  


Maybe he doesn't know what excitement looks like.

Or maybe he was dozing in his comfy MP chair when more than 700,000 people didn't vote conservative a year ago.  I seem to recall a lot of excitement then. From those who threw out the PC government and couldn't stomach the Wildrose. 

Or maybe it just doesn't seem like excitement it it's not waving a damn flag.

Back in 1970, the Brotherhood of Man penned the following: 
United we stand...divided we fall....And if our backs should ever be against the wall....We'll be together, together you and I
Take another listen, Albertans Can't Wait. Do you really think Albertans need another right wing party?

As for me, I know what it is I can't wait for.

Five parties on the far right. 

Just in time for the next election.