Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Take Courage, Fort Mac

What is courage?

Courage is the wildland firefighter who stands in swirling flames, fighting the fire. Courage is the last nurse making sure her patient is safely evacuated. Courage is the pilot who descends time after time to dump water on the flames. Courage is the cop who stands in wind and smoke and debris, directing people to safety. But courage too, is the neighbor who let you into the line of traffic so you could make your escape. Courage is the volunteer who came to rescue your dog. Courage is the unknown man who gave you his gas so you could drive away. Courage is driving past the flames, through the dark, without food or water, not knowing what awaits. Not knowing where your friends and family are. Courage is waking up tomorrow, not knowing if you have a home to return to.

Have courage, Fort Mac.

Because you will find courage comes from the smallest of things. It seems bleak now, possibly as bleak a time as you will ever know.  But you will find hope in the days and weeks that follow. You will find it in the homes of hundreds of people who open their doors to you. In the meals cooked by volunteers. In hugs from total strangers. In the companionship of those who cry beside you. In the new friends who will share your journey. 

Take courage.

We have been where you are. We know you have the strength to overcome.


Slave Lake
Rebirth of a forest after the Chisholm Fire

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