Friday, 31 March 2017

Top 10 reasons you know it's spring

Top Ten Reasons You Know it's Spring in Northern Alberta

  1. Your local paper features a photo of a goose on open water.
  2. The last of the ice fishing shacks is towed off the lake - by boat.
  3. You see a guy wearing a parka, toque and mitts and right behind him is another guy in shorts and flip flops.
  4. You have to give the dogs a bath every time they come in from the yard.
  5. You put your winter coats away even though it's ten below every night.
  6. It takes longer to get an appointment at KalTire than it does to see your doctor.
  7. Your kid loses a boot in the mud.
  8. You get to sit on your back deck and drink margaritas without wearing a jacket.
  9. When it snows you don't even think about shovelling-it's going to melt anyway.
  10. You get an email saying wildfire season has started.

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